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Permali Wallace Private limited was established in 1961 in Technical and Financial collaboration with Permali Limited, Gloucester, U.K. and Chase Lowe & Co., Manchester, U.K.

In 1982 we entered into another Technical collaboration with BTR Permali RP Limited U.K. for developing Sheet Moulding Compounds, Dough Moulding Compounds and components thereof.

We started as manufacturers of wood based densifed impregnated laminates for Industrial and Engineering applications. Over the years we have grown and have built up on our vast fund of experience and expertise in the line and we believe we are second to none.

We have also extended our products range and this can broadly be described as ranging from wood Veneer based Components, glass reinforced composites SMC &  DMC moulded components, epoxy resin castings, cotton fabric composites, composites using combination of both glass and wood compreg, other composites using high tech fibres like polyester, kevlar, etc.

Companies choosing our material can be assured of full understanding of their requirement and the necessary technical and production services to meet them.